Originally published Feb 13, 2012


As you can probably tell by now, I love learning from others and hearing how other people approach their craft. Regardless of what community you work in, nobody likes a know-it-all. It makes me wish that we all played dodgeball at least once a month to help us remember why it is important to act a certain way towards others. 

With that side rant over, I enjoy showing up to bars during the less busy times to ask questions. I'm trying to understand the rum side of things right now. The spirit confuses me because it seems to be similar to Whiskey, but uses dramatically different 'mixers'. Don't ask me why I think this, I'm still learning remember?  

Barrelhouse Flat has a drink menu that is separated by base spirit. As I'm staring at the section of Rums trying to understand what is going on, I give up and close the menu to ask for help. For the last drink of the day, I asked Jess at Barrelhouse Flat what is her personal favorite drink...as of right now..which is an incredibly difficult question to answer. Jess presented to me a drink called Corn & Oil to which she said that it was an underappreciated cocktail.

This drink consists of Rum and Falernum. I'm happy to learn about a new Rum based drink so I'm happy. I have no clue what Falernum was at the time, so I'm excited to learn something new once again. According to the bottle, Falernum consists of Lime Juice, Sugar, Almond & Clove Essence, Water and White Rum. I find it interesting that the old style or historical rum drinks always mix different types of Rums. One of these days, I'm going to have to remember to ask someone why they do that.

Corn & Oil gets it's sweetness from the Rum itself, I suppose...so it isn't an overpowering sweet drink. It also is served on rocks...big ice cubes if you have them. I love big ice, even in drinks that don't call for them like the Lion's Tale.  

Thank you Jess and Barrelhouse Flat for teaching me something new about Rum! Corn & Oil is sitting squarely in my top 10 right now. 

2 oz Cruzan Black Strap Rum

1/2 oz Falernum

dash of angostura bitters

squeeze 2 lime wedges

Both bottles (Black Strap Rum and Falernum) are extremely cheap, both are under $15 bucks. On the back of the bottle, Falernum lists their own recipe for Corn & Oil. I'll let you compare the two. Another side note, I believe that Barrelhouse Flat uses their own version of house made Falernum. So I'm positive that what we make will not taste as good as theirs. It also seems that Black Strap Rum is getting very popular with the Bartender circles now...this is the second drink in less than one month that I've been taught to make using that bottle. The other drink is Acid Brothers from Second Bar from Austin..another drink that sits in my top 10.