crafthouse for camping

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Jul 23, 2014


Every now and then a friend of mine is dumb enough to ask me a question about cocktails. I say that because this is nothing but a hobby of mine when the real experts are behind the bar. Most of the time regurgitated answers that the experts have passed on to me suffice, but this time around there was nothing really to help me answer my friends question. 

"Challenge: Good summer drinks that can be easily made while camping or in a friend's cabin up north with minimal effort"

Abruptly, my inner requirement gathering nerd shows up asking "will there be ice?" and "will you have a juicer?"

There are a couple of three ingredient drinks out there, like a proper margarita covered in the last Ask AC volume. The problem with summer drinks is that they involve packing extra items for drink prep. Let's rattle through the items: shaker, ice, tequila bottle, Cointreau bottle, knife, juicer, limes and cups. Eight items to pack on your camping trip seems excessive. How did those guys in the 1800's do this?

Eventually I just gave up and told my friend to buy a bottle of Crafthouse and pack some ice. The Southside bottle is what I 'lived' on while staying in Chicago with no bottles, glasses, bar ware or utensils. Pour what you want to drink in a cup and add ice.

You have to love that they tossed in the 'gluten free' tag on their bottle description. But at least they didn't say 'best served with artisan bread'. 

Happy camping!


Don't forget to drink like a responsible adult