Best cocktail you will have this summer

Originally published Jul 1,2013


Honestly, I stumbled upon this drink while researching a new spirit: Bonal. It is foggy how Bonal Gentiane Quina even made a blip on my radar but discovering that it is made from herbs residing in the Grand Chartreuse mountains made me giggle like a school girl. My writing does not even come close to the level of this blogger, so I will let Vive la Bonal sway you even more towards this aperitif.

With the spirit in my mind, my search results dumped me over to Sugar House of Detroit.  In their blog, they had the audacity to compare their Bonal assisted drink to The Last Word. 

There are some drinks out there, like the Last Word, that combine extremely different flavors with complete success. I don’t hesitate to say this is one of those drinks. Instant fucking classic… Assuming you like extremely smokey, bitter, citrusy stuff. 

Before you scoff at anything coming out of Detroit, keep in mind that the prohibition-era cocktail 'The Last Word' originated from the Detroit Athletic Club. Without a doubt they are making an incredibly arrogant statement, which is acceptable to me but it better deliver.  

Sugar House of Detroit presents the Famous Last Words.  

  • .75 oz. Laphroaig
  • .75 oz. Aperol
  • .75 oz. Bonal
  • .75 oz. Lemon

Shake, strain into a coupe or smallish martini glass if you have nothing else to use.

There are no words that describes how amazing this drink is. It is a crying shame that no one has made any comments on their blog, perhaps we should fix this. Never before has a drink shattered my personal rankings for cocktails like this. With no doubt in my mind, this is my personal favorite drink of the summer. This means it will rattle what you think a mixed cocktail is. This means you, you flavored sugary vodka drinkers. 


  • I hate buying bottles for those specialty drinks. But each bottle used in this cocktail can be easily reused elsewhere.
  • Laphroaig is a straight punch in the face while kissing a girl that chain smokes. The last time we visited, it was a bitter cold winter Chicago night at Catch 35 downtown. After being smacked in the face with that bone chilling wind off the river, Laphroaig was sitting at the bar telling me to stop being such a whiny little girl. Keep this bottle handy during those cold winter nights.
  • Bonal can be sipped on the rocks as a typical aperitif. Unlike those Italian vermouths that need citrus help, Bonal seems delicious straight with no help. 
  • Aperol is used everywhere with too many classic cocktails to list out.  
  • Don't forget to put the Bonal in the fridge after opening. Yeah I know you don't read labels, but I do.  
  • This is not a boozy drink at all, a tad bit on the sweet side but nothing is better during those summer afternoons especially when it reaches 100.  
  • Laphroaig is around $50, Bonal is around $20, Aperol is slightly more expensive at around $25. If I was able to find this in LA, then you will have no problems finding this at Binny's.  

Suger House said it best "You're welcome"