Originally published Dec 18, 2012

If you are reading this, you might be one of my six loyal followers. And if you are one of those six, chances are high that it is cold where you live. Forget the cold, forget the wind, forget the perpetual darkness. This one drink alone will have you forget how miserable it is outside. 

Dr Cocktail sums it up:

"...That is what the Widow's Kiss is like. Sweet, complex, and darkly golden, thought provoking and introspective. It is a cocktail of fall turning toward winter, and it wins Doc's award as the most evocative drink ever. Have one by the fire."

This cocktail includes my beloved Green Chartreuse but also brings two other French spirits as well: Calvados and Benedictine. Surprisingly, both of these spirits are new to my collection and not something that I have ordered often. Benedictine has the same story of being made by French monks but the spirit really does not come close to comparing to Chartreuse. Lastly, the cocktail calls for Angostura Bitters which is oddly being glossed over lately with the make your own bitters trend or saturated craft bitters trend. Angostura is delicious, I could drink it in my water.

My knowledge and experience with Calvados is limited, so my purchase included the smallest bottle that I could find just to be cautious. Remember I'm saving my money for that bottle of VEP Green Chartreuse.  

The Widows Kiss courtesy of Dr Cocktail via George Kappler in 'Modern American Drinks' published in 1895. 

1.5 oz Calvados

3/4 oz Green Chartreuse

3/4 oz Benedictine

2 dashes Angostura Bitters