Viking Funeral

My Chicago friends were excited a week ago, proclaiming 'SPRING' on all the social media channels. Little did they know that one more slap in the face was waiting for them. I have a surprise for my friends that had 2-3 inches of snow dumped on them. The only catch is that it is a seasonal drink that is best when cold outside. Looking at the weather reports, Chicago has another week or so of upper 30s until the April thaw. 

Technically speaking this blog post is about four months late. Before moving to LA, I visited Josh at Sepia. During this visit, we were talking drinks and I mentioned my favorite winter drink was a Paul McGee invention at The Whistler. The bartenders at the Whistler still know how to make that drink, you just have to ask for it when they are not busy. Visiting Logan Square was out of the question so I resorted to complaining about it to Josh. Being intrigued, he texted Paul and had a Viking's Funeral sitting on the bar for me in less than ten minutes. 

So here it is, Paul McGee's Viking Funeral in all its splendor and glory. (I asked for posting permission from Paul on the twitters, thanks Paul)

  • 1 oz North Shore Aquavit
  • 1 oz Luxardo Amaro Abano
  • .75 oz Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Sugar
  • Egg white

Shaken real real real hard then strained.


The type of Aquavit matters. Being in LA without easy access to North Shore Distillery, I am at the mercy of whatever is available at the local liquor store. The egg white adds a layer of 'frothiness' or texture to the drink. No it will not taste like scrambled eggs, let's not be silly. The Amaro is stored in the fridge and tastes great sipped as an aperitif. The aquavit will remain a specialty liquor with limited applications. Find Sonja at North Shore Distillery for more ideas on how to mix and serve.