Originally published Apr 24, 2013

On my previous 'LA Craft Cocktail to do list' post, The Varnish was listed as a highly recommended bar. The problem is this speakeasy bar type bar is somewhat difficult to get into especially on a Saturday night. The bar is located inside but behind the restaurant Cole's. Let me be more clear, you walk into Cole's, ignore the greeter and walk back to a non-descriptive door to enter the Varnish to put your name on the wait list. Fortunately, the wait is not too bad since Cole's serves a few craft cocktails but is mostly known for beer. Their menu has been updated for Spring, so I was very pleased to see a spring type citrusy drink using my beloved Green Chartreuse. 

Being a Saturday night , the bar was crawling with people making it next to impossible to talk to the bartender. I typically leave the bartenders alone when busy, but I couldn't stop myself, the Friar Tuck was simply too good to just walk away. 

I blurted out, 'really can't describe how great this drink is and people normally do not play with Green Chartreuse. so thank you'

The bartender was visibly shocked at my comment and perhaps it should not be a surprise to me since the clientele is predominantly younger and their yelp reviews complain about waiting. Clearly I am one of the few that enjoy the craft and am not ordering shots like everyone else. 

blurted out again, 'must be one & half oz of rum, half green, half lime with dash of simple'

The bartender stopped dead in his tracks, ignored the crowd and responded 'we had issues doing that because that was exactly our first attempt. We actually used a sugar cube and did the following....'

The Friar Tuck

  • 2 oz Flor de Cana rum
  • 1 oz of lime juice
  • .5 oz of green chartreuse
  • Tear up a mint leaf and mix with some sugar
  • Shake the mixture and strain into glass
  • Garnish with a whole mint leaf


  • They say to use a sugar cube, I'm using simple. 
  • Bump the simple up to .25 oz
  • For those scared of Green Chartreuse, you can barely taste it. 
  • Try bumping the lime down and the Green Chartreuse up to equal parts. 
  • The Cana that they used, I assumed to be Flor de Cana but whatever it was is not the same that I used at home. I'm using 12 year aged, because I am snobby like that. 

Thank you Bartender from Cole's, I should have asked for your name but we only had time to discuss the important stuff.